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Saturn, Vesta & Aldebaran
A Commentary
Personal Responsibility & Afghanistan

from the
November 14, 2001 Lunar Planner


Nick Anthony Fiorenza


    The Full Moon of Nov 30 and the several days to follow, through the Last Quarter Moon of Dec 7, brings sobering light upon the radical dismantling that is occurring in our lives and in the world. The Sun and Mercury oppose Saturn and conjoin Pluto during this time.
    The Full Moon aligns with Aldebaran in sidereal Taurus, while the Sun aligns with Antares in sidereal Scorpio. These two stars are the two of the Four Royal Architects of the heavens, marking the centers of their respective sidereal signs. Aldebaran is Eye of the Bull and Antares is Heart of the Scorpion. The Full Moon lies just north of Aldebaran occulting the star Ain, the northern eye.
    The Aldebaran Full Moon of Nov 30 lies between Saturn and the asteroid Vesta, bringing sobering realization of our need to get clear, focused and committed on our greater responsibility to the needs of our transforming world and of all our relations--whether those immediate, of a soul level, of our nation, or of the world.

    To learn of the psychophysiological qualities of Vesta and the other asteroids, please visit:


    Throughout the next few lunar cycles Saturn will retrograde over Aldebaran. The following is a brief excerpt on Saturn, Vesta, and Aldebaran, from the Oct 16, 2001 Lunar Planner:

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    "The second trigger of the Saturn-Vesta/ Pluto-Pallas opposition demands we get clear and focused on our responsibility in our role in the greater Saturn-Pluto cycle. It demands that we recognize that we all have co-created the events occurring now in the world. Any destruction (Pluto) of old structure and form (Saturn) occurring throughout this period serves us all to mature and grow. Any environmental (including the structural settings in which we live) and biological destruction occurring now is due to the choices we have made since 1982. Pluto now demands we relinquish a facet of our consciousness not entirely fitting to take through the portal in which we step. To view destruction of old form merely as an act of uninvited violence, and with an arrogant retaliatory stance, only intensifies the drama until we realize it is time to change that form. We must take action with responsibility for the conditions we have created to start with, and make right those conditions. Retrograde Saturn demands we take sobering responsibly to re-structure in a new way, one fitting to the new world yearning to birth, while opposite Pluto dismantles the old form. Saturn's and Vesta's retrogrades in sidereal Taurus, and around Aldebaran over the next few months, demands we build infrastructure that supports the people of the world to make passage through the evolutionary transition.
    In classical lore, Aldebaran is Eye of the Bull. In galactic lore, Aldebaran is Vision Holder for the Starseed Mission on Earth, represented by #333, defining what Emissaries of Light can best accomplish to serve humanity through the evolutionary transition. Aldebaran holds the vision for global leaders and world servers inspiring the administrative planning of world affairs, specifically for physical logistics and a supportive global infrastructure designed to support humanity through evolutionary unfoldment and global change. Prominent alignments with the Aldebaran / Antares axis can express into the political and global arena. The common visions that many people attune to regarding alternative living centres, educational centres, healing centres, emergency preparedness programs, etc., are all a part of the inspiration from this star's emanations. Aldebaran can indicate involvement with physical places and projects supportive of alternative modalities of living.

    Dangerous infections grow only when the terrain in which they grow has been left unattended and undernourished. Control of a weakened body by a few rampant and awry cancerous cells is our own doing. When we leave the common people to wither and die due to our arrogant ways, it is only natural for the infrastructure of their lives to become a breeding ground for the awry few that wish to dictate life for their own bidding. It is time to become responsible for our world condition, collectively as people, and cooperatively as countries united for the common good and well being of all life."

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    When the Russians and Americans pulled out Afghanistan in the late 1980's, leaving that country in ruins, it provided the breading ground for the formation of the hideous, raping, and pillaging rule that is now in place--and that drove the attack on America.
    The Saturn-Pluto theme, occurring over the many-month time-period that we are in the midst of now, demands we take sobering responsibility for our actions since 1982. This is in regard to ensuring the global environment in which we live is a safe and nurturing place for the evolutionary unfoldment of all people. Will America and Russia (together) take responsibility for the environmental conditions in Afghanistan, and for the deaths of all lives involved--including those that died in the "World Trade" towers? Are we as individuals taking responsibility, or will we continue to act as arrogant, independent, victimized parts separate from the entire world, in anarchic self-annihilating pursuit? The sobering ramifications of our actions are at hand.
    To turn our heads to the needs of the devastated nation of Afghanistan, while pursuing our own individual wellbeing from blind self-centered arrogance, is no longer acceptable. The infectious upheaval emerging from Afghanistan is forcing us to address our responsibility to the human family. To realize our responsibility to one another, in our personal lives and with our neighbors, whether they are near or far, is one lesson humanity must learn throughout the Saturn?Pluto / Jupiter-Sirius cycle occurring from Aug 2001 through May 2002).

    That which we see on the global stage is a direct reflection of the issues held within ourselves. To own our life experiences as our own creation is to live from the maturity of a soul?realized being. This is to acknowledge being co-creators of life, not victims of it.

    Will we, as individuals, continue to place blame outside of ourselves upon a terrorist community planting bombs, upon crazed people spreading white powder, or on a supposed corrupt government conspiracy spreading chemical trails in the sky? This merely validates our victim mentality so we can stay isolated in our dogmatic little shells.
    It is the fear-based consciousness within self (and that is predominant on Earth) that shuts the immune system down and feeds the bacterial growth perpetuating our own demise. To shift Earth's resonance from fear is to choose love. To choose love is to embrace the fact that we are creators of our experience from the resonance we hold on the inner. Love is not playing victim to the outer while, with bigoted arrogance, we profess either peace, or war. To live in love is to unconditionally embrace all experience as our own--without creating separations and exclusive factions in our lives. Unconditional love is inclusive not exclusive. To love is to activate our neurological systems so bacterial and viral conditions are not of issue, rather then needing more drugs, more vaccines, more synthetic creations in our lives to separate and protect us from our own fear to love unconditionally.

    The astronomical Holy Cross transition occurring NOW in Earth's 26,000-year evolutionary cycle is accelerating our change. Keeping up with the quickening means growing and changing accordingly. The awakening of human consciousness occurs from within. Our ability to change ourselves in attunement to the accelerating evolutionary currents determines whether our global transition is one of harmony or one of tragedy.

    To Learn of the embracing theme of the 37 year Saturn-Pluto cycle and of the several month long opposition occurring now see:

    This snippet has been updated to include the entire text on the Saturn-Pluto cycle originally present in the July 20 Lunar Planner.

    A snippet about the Saturn-Vesta retrograde cycle can be found at:


    To learn of the transition occurring NOW in the 26.000-year, astronomical, "Cycle of the Holy Cross" see:


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