A Snippet

Whether we are Fighting Soldiers
or Praying and Meditating for Peace.

from the
October 16, 2001 Lunar Planner

Loyalty to the
Safe Ascension of Earth & Humanity
Emergence of the Goddess

Nick Anthony Fiorenza


     The entire time period, from Oct 20 through the Full Moon Nov 3, is an astrological powerhouse. During this period we further accelerate in our transformation as we are squeezed through the second trigger of the Saturn-Pluto opposition.

     Let us not live in fear, which confuses the mind, but in the present, from the stillness of Love, with a quite mind, attentive to the messages around us that the world provides. The traumatic events and bombing on the Earth set up extreme turbulence on the surface waves of the Earthgrid (Earth's energy field). The abrupt loss of life and the anguish of all involved adds extreme psychic-emotional confusion to the thrashing waves. The surface shell the Earth's energy grid is where collective consciousness resides. To be lost in the waves is to be tossed from emotion to emotion until we drown.
     The core of the Earth is stable and resonates to the core of our souls. Grounded attunement to the core of the Earth not only provides the centering and stability required so as to not become lost in the psychic-emotional turbulence of the surface world, but it also is where we receive the Intelligence that guides the unfoldment of our highest fulfillment.
     To learn more about how Earth receives "Evolutionary Intelligence" and re-radiates that information in way that we can bio-logically integrate it, and the importance of living in attunement to the Earth, see:

http://www.lunarplanner.com/HolyCross.html#Earthgrid Mapping

     To stay in the Heart, attuned to Earth is to stay centered in the wisdom of our souls. It is the way to walk through the tempest we are in. It is the place that allows us to act from clear and centered wisdom--to respond to life's events upon the surface world. This is how to participate effectively and from wisdom. The Holy Cross portal is open--to hold the resonance of Love is the way to make safe passage through it. Love does not mean passivity--it means living our Truth. Love / Heart it is place of stillness and truth within, our place of power to act from--whether we are fighting soldiers or praying and meditating for peace. To drift from the resonance of the Heart is to get pulled into the tormenting winds of change whirling around the eye of this evolutionary door.

*  *  *

     The elite of our Fighting Soldiers are taught this principle as well--although it may be taught in different terms. This is to be willing to live, stand, fight and possibly die for a Greater Truth--not from fear or anger--but from the undaunted Truth, Strength and Clarity in our Hearts.

*  *  *

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We need not live in endless struggle, overwhelmed by the
surface turbulence of our growth and awakening process.
We can establish an inner peace instead, with life
becoming a graceful dance when we attune ourselves to the
natural spiral of growth that is guiding our lives.
Living in attunement to the natural Lunar Cycles
is an effective and empowering way to do this.

The Lunar Planner is an experiential tool teaching us
how to live in attunement to the natural Lunar Cycles.
Astronomical-Astrology and Star Lore reveal each
Lunar Month's Theme, and the planetary
themes unfolding throughout the year.
Each issue weaves a continuing story line
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