Astronomical Earthgrid Spacetime Mapping

The Mercury - Saturn - Pluto Crossbow
and the
7.0 New Zealand Earthquake

- the exact alignments -
Aug 21, 2001

Nick Anthony Fiorenza


     We may have made passage unscathed through the explosive, Mercury - Saturn - Pluto Cross-bow (astrological "T" Square)--geophysically speaking anyway. (No reports of damage at the time of this posting.)

Cross-bows / "T" Squares must fire !

     A 7.0 magnitude quake, occurred (Aug 20, 11:52:06 PM MST) within the critical "T" Square window--with the epicenter safely off the east cost of North Island of New Zealand,  and  with the potent, planetary alignments of this "T" Square, exactly coinciding.


     The seismic event occurred with Pluto on the Mid-Heaven (MC) of the location and Saturn on the Anti-Mid-Heaven (IC), This means that the Pluto - Saturn alignment was exactly on the geographic longitude of the seismic event.

     Mercury (the trigger), in "T" square to Saturn and Pluto, was exactly on the Descendant (DSC) of the location. The orientation of the DSC to the MC / IC is  latitude (and longitude) dependent. (See the Astrological Chart below.)


Aug 19, 6:38 PM MST (Aug 20, 01:38 GMT)           - -           Aug 23, 09:05 AM MST (Aug 23, 16:05 GMT)

Aug, 20, 8:22 PM MST ( Aug 21, 03:22 GMT)  - - Aug 21, 2:09 PM MST (Aug 21, 21:09 GMT)

     The Quake occurred at:

      (USGS Data)
      Aug 21, 2001  06:52: 6.07 (6:52:06 PM NZT)          (Aug 20, 11:52:06 PM MST)
      165 miles (265 km) NE of Gisborne, New Zealand
      Epicenter: -36.963 S -179.841 W
      Depth: 33.0 km 6.9M
      MW 7.0

This event may have served as the release of the potent energy this
planetary alignment was holding, for us and for Earth.

See the Snippet Below on the
Mercury - Saturn - Pluto Cross-bow


Additional Chart Notes:

Note also the 30 degree Sun-Moon perfectly straddling Mercury. The POF (yellow circle with an x) is a mathematical spacetime harmonic relating the phase of the Moon with the horizon plane of the event location: i.e., where we are in the experiential unfoldment of the Lunar Cycle (time) with the experiential plane of our experience (space). This is one of the several factors defining the exact timing of an event.



     This Lunar Cycle (of Aug 18) starts out with an explosion as Mercury creates a potent cross-bow (T-square in astrological terms) with Saturn and Pluto. Cross-bows must fire. This occurs while Pluto is stationing, about to complete its retrograde period on August 23, making this event intensely potent. The Cross-Bow is active from August 19 through August 21. The entire week may be fierceóvolatile is an understatement.
     The "Saturn-Pluto Opposition" (active from August 5, 2001 through May 25, 2002) was discussed at length in the previous Lunar Planner. A brief snippet describing the 37 year Saturn-Pluto cycle that began in 1982 can be found on the Lunar Planner WEB site.

     Mercury is the force that is firing. Mercury is of communication and logistics, also bio-resonant to the thyroid / throat chakra, the seat of suppressed anger. Due to the star alignments, this expression may not be as clear as one might like.
     Mercury lies at the hind of the Lion, in a part of the zodiak where there are foul breezes and diverting and manipulative global forces. Two options exist: We can get caught in the stench, and confusingly react from the lack of clarity in our lives, from distorted perspectives, due to our own inner unresolved resentments and attitudes. This can even include the manifestation of internal biological disharmonies and disease. It can also manifest as intensive conflicts of war. Intensified gravitational oscillations can stimulate seismic activity as well.
     The other option is to attune ourselves to transcendent currents and forces that are also available, and that can propel us to a refined level of participation and expression, despite the fog. Expression with a humanitarian focus, and participation based upon the interest of our future well being is the solution. Oaths taken at soul level, whether we are aware of them are not, are of issue. Our opportunity is to pursue the ideals of a matured future society. Any disharmonies manifesting now ultimately are pushing us hard to have such a breakthrough, or breakdown. Remember that the theme of this cycle is of breaking trail to participate in new ways integral to the fulfillment our greater soul destinies.
     Our choice is to either participate from personal interest alone, from egoically driven reactions; or to be willing to surrender such petty facades, and to break trail with allegiance to universal truths and directives that are truly nourishing to the greater fulfillment of all parties.

To learn of the many and diverse alignments occurring in this Lunar Month ,
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