The Astronomical Truth of the Virgin

Nick Anthony Fiorenza

The Virgin Giving Birth

Although the constellation of Virgo begins at the Leo / Virgo cusp, it extends into the first half of the sidereal sign of Libra. The Virgin lies supine with her head at the beginning of Virgo—with Coma Berenices, the Halo of the Virgin just above. (Coma Berenices is home to our Super Galactic Centre—the spiritual center in which our galaxy nests). The Virgin's base chakra (Spica, Alpha Virgo) marks the cusp of Virgo / Libra, while the Virgin's legs extend well into Libra, with her feet marking the center (15 degrees) of sidereal Libra. The constellation of Virgo embraces ~46 degrees of the zodiak—the longest of the zodiakal constellations.

Under the Skirt of the Virgin

The two primary stars of Libra, (Zuben el Genubi and Zuben es Chamalli), in modern illustrations, form the balance or scales of Libra. They respectively lie at 20 degrees and 24 degrees sidereal Libra. These two stars are also the "Chelae of the Scorpion," extending from the other direction, from the sign of Scorpio, back into Libra. These two stars are the karmic and dharmic seats for the incarnating soul. They form a triangle with Dschuba, the Head of the Scorpion, the administrative seat directing reincarnational affairs for the incarnating soul.

Johannes Kepler De Stella Nova

Johannes Kepler wood carving showing Ophiuchus standing on the Scorpion with
Zuben el Genubi and Zuben es Chamalli as the claws of the Scorpion
From Johannes Kepler 'De Stella Nova' (Prague, 1606).
Courtesy of the Archives, California Institute of Technology

The image of the Virgin giving birth into the Chelae of the Scorpion articulates the birthing of the soul into the reincarnational entrapment. This mythical articulation was destroyed in recent (Chaldaean / Roman) times: The Scorpion's Chelae and the Virgin's legs had both been severed from our stellar mythos, and so, too, its profound significance. The embracing astronomical image, and the individual star themes creating the qualities of sidereal Virgo and Libra, (obscured and now hidden—under the skirt of the Virgin), reveal the truth of that which is required to ensure a pure birth and ascension. This image articulates how to support attainment of evolutionary freedom from perpetual reincarnational entrapment in the Clutches of the Scorpion.

Virgin / Scorpio

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Immaculate Conception of the Twin Flamed Soul

One of many confusions that emerged with the loss of our entire mythical image, and which became an untruth perpetuated by the early Greco-Roman, religious-political world, is about the role of the divinely intended male seeding the pure birth through the Virgin. "Immaculate Conception" had come to mean without man. But this image indicates a child conceived through a divinely intended couple, a birth of true soul partners—those who truly compliment each other in spirit. "Virgin" does not mean one who never has intercourse, but one who is a pure vessel, true to soul intent, to provide a pure birth with her true intended soul compliment.

Bootes and the Virgin

The Vesica Pisces of the Virgin
and Boötes

Boötes, the protector, who is of pure intent, is the Virgin's true soul compliment. Boötes stands directly over this creative process exemplified by the Virgin giving birth. Archturus, the primary star of Boötes, the fourth brightest star in the sky, embodies the essence of Boötes. Archturus lies directly over, and conjoins Spica, the base chakra / vagina (Vesica Pisces) of the Virgin, (the vessel of the primordial fluid—opposite Pisces)—both stars marking the Virgo / Libra cusp. Boötes is protector for this pure birth.

The Fallen Lords

In our stellar image, Boötes is holding off the fallen religious-political authoritarian global powers (articulated by nearby Benatnasch, the tip of the tail of the Great Bear, Ursa Major) who claim to be the intermediaries between God and man, and who wish to manipulate evolutionary affairs. Boötes is creating and ensuring a proper energy environment for a safe and pure birth / and subsequent capacity for ascension of the soul out of re-incarnational entrapment. Boötes is looking up at the Northern Crown, which lies above the feet of the Virgin and the Chelae of the Scorpion. The Northern Crown embodies the fullness of this ideal attainment; i.e., Boötes' vision is fixed upon ensuring evolutionary freedom from perpetuated reincarnational entrapment in the Clutches of the Scorpion—from the karmic-dharmic path of soul growth in the world of duality.


Archturus is the administrative seat responsible for the safe ascension of Earth and Humanity—the pure birth of the soul. Boötes / Archturus stands against the fallen corrupt powers of Benatnasch who have demonstrated the inability over and again to ensure such evolutionary fulfillment, with the continual destruction of the peoples of the Earth, and typical catastrophic outcomes. The body of Boötes stands between this pure lucida of the Virgin, while blocking the manipulations of corrupt Benatnasch and their diversionary tactics, embodied by the barking dogs (Canes Venatici). Boötes is protector regarding the proper use of creative and reproductive powers—ensuring the safe birth and ascension of the soul.

Although modern illustrations show the dogs belonging to Boötes, all chasing the Bear, energetically I find this an unacceptable styling. The primary stars of Canes Venatici, Alpha and Beta, Asterion lie within a dark band of the zodiak, under the auspices of Benatnasch, and conjoining Denebola of Leo, all exuding a quality of manipulation, diversionary tactics, commotion, smoke screens, foul breezes, and foul play. The quality of Boötes certainly is far more refined, as is that of the Virgin. Either way, I assert Boötes to be protector regarding the proper use of creative and reproductive powers, ensuring the safe birth and ascension of souls, and standing against the fallen patriarchal world powers—honoring and protecting the Virgin—not chasing after the corrupt powers as some herdsman.

Mary & Joseph

In Christian myth, Boötes is Joseph, Mary's consort, who is providing Mary with proper location (earthgrid coordinates) and proper environment for the (immaculate) pure birth of Jesus. The same is required in creating portals for any birthing work of Divine Intent. This same figure is Seb, the anthropomorphic god of procreation, in Egyptian myth.

Bacchus and the Virgin's Vineyard

Boötes also is Dionysus, god of wine, mystic ecstasy, erotic and sacred sex, and fertility; also Eleutherios "the liberator". Dionysus was Latinized by the Romans into Bacchus. It is within this imaging where we find the menaing of "the proper use of the grape" in regard to lovemaking; and of course, here is the association of Virgo with the vineyards and agriculture; and also with the wine of the Virgin's vineyards; i.e., menstrual blood and the secrets of conception and gestation. Bacchus is of the art of elixirs, wine, herbal potions, and all that creates the environmental and vibrational beauty conducive to the manifestation of true ecstatic and pure love. Bacchus teaches the alchemical use of wine in the proper and harmonious flowering (opening) of the (vesica pisces) portal of the Virgin in the art of lovemaking.

The Romans (obsessed with controlling the masses and dominating the world) supressed the Bacchic festivals (Bacchanalia) the wild erotic dancing parties celebrating Dionysus, celebrations desired mostly by women, and which involved other such related sexual FUN, of course made out to be BAD (sin) because the Romans could not "CONTROL" people having such erotic fun. "To sin" (to be bad) simply means "to experience life"; i.e., to be carnal / to be in-carnality / incarnate! Pan, the Devil, considered "Lord of the Bacchic Dance" is also Roman Faunus, Italian god of the wild forests, a god of nature and fertility—of what is natural, of nature. In imagery and sculpture, Pan is giving grapes to Dionysus/Baccus for wine (love potions) and the subsequent intoxicating lovemaking that would follow—again articulating the "proper use of the grape" in the "vineyards of the Virgin"—in the art of sacred sex.


Spica, Alpha Virgo, (a rotating binary star with a period of 4.015 days), as stated above, is the Virgin's vaginal opening. Spica is of "loyalty & fidelity"—to Boötes, her Divine Compliment, to the Archturian directive, to the divinely intended seed / soul designed for their alchemical union—to see to the safe ascension of Earth and Humanity, to the safe birth and ascension of souls. Spica is associated with proper use of body fluids; of herbs and elixirs; and of genetic and reproductive energies. Specifically, as the Vesica Pisces, Spica is of the feminine cycle—the menstrual blood, and impregnation and gestation of the female egg. Spica is of being a pure vessel for the expression of spirit.

This Divine couple, "Boötes and the Virgin," exemplify the truly intended soul couple, the twin-flamed soul made manifest, the un-adulterated couple able to express, birth, and manifest divine will. This image also exemplifies the creative process, properly birthing a soul into the reincarnational process, and the ideal for that soul to be able to attain its evolutionary freedom from the re-incarnational clutches, into its own Christhood—attaining its Northern Crown.

The Centaur & The Southern Cross

Below the "feet of the Virgin" and the "Chelae of the Scorpion" lies the benevolent Centaur, teacher and leader back to the original cardinal virtues. The Centaur teaches the right use of will, the right way to live to attain self-mastery and evolutionary freedom.

The Southern Cross lies below the Centaur and embodies the original cardinal virtues—the original cardinality (and intent) of our souls before the aberrations, adulterations, and confusions inherently incurred by our souls throughout the incarnational process. Because the Southern Cross lies in the far southern part of heavens, its view is lost to most of humanity, as are the cardinal virtues that the stars of the cross embody.

The Chelea & the Feet of the Virgin

The Argo & Earthgrid Mapping

Further south of the constellation of Virgo lie the stars of Argo Navis—ensuring soul's greater evolutionary fulfillment in its incarnational sojourn and galactic mission. The stars here are associated with astronomical earthgrid mapping of sacred places, and the means to find the right places in space and time for any conception, birthing and ascension type work. This is a principle theme found under the skirt (in early sidereal Libra); as well as the unadulterated harmony, beauty and purity of a natural environment essential for such sacred communion.

Under the Skirt of the Virgin

Earlier Virgo stars—those in the sidereal sign of Virgo itself—are related to biological preparation for that which occurs "under the skirt" (in sidereal Libra). This embraces the Virgin principle for the Divine Union of the destined couple and subsequent birth and ascension of the soul that is only obtainable through the art of love—and that is sanctified by the Divine Union of true soul complements.

The Virgo-Libra cusp itself, (Spica / Archturus) is of the sexual-divine union of true soul compliments, but more embracingly of the commitment to ensure the safe ascension of the Earth and Humanity.

Boötes, straddling the Virgo-Libra cusp, is of creating a safe and proper environment for conception, birthing, healing, and ascension. This incorporates divining and mapping the right time, place and energy; and can involve local places or the entire global environment. Boötes provides all that is required to ensure the pure alchemical union for the intended birth, and attainment of evolutionary freedom from perpetual degeneration, disease, death and rebirth.

I dub the Legs of the Virgin, extending from Spica (the cusp of sidereal Virgo-Libra) to 17 degrees sidereal Libra, "Under the skirt of the Virgin" to articulate the now occulted wisdom regarding use / misuse of reproductive energies, associated arts, and the wisdom of Divine Harmony in the creative process; the Divine Union of true soul compliments; and the re-incarnational process of the soul. This part of the Virgin involves matters regarding the process of translating non-physical consciousness, of birthing the soul through art, harmony and beauty into demonstrable expression. This zodiakal band embraces all work involving the opening of portals for birth, healing, and ascension. It is of genetic and soul compatibility, of the right timing in space, and of sacred spaces and places general. Under the Skirt is of matters regarding the blood of the body and the oil of the Earth—of the biological terrain and geological environment, and of its proper use.

Secrets of the Virgin

Does a soul always have to birth into the entrapping reincarnational clutches of the Scorpion? Perhaps not. Notice in the star chart how the legs of the Virgin lie above the claws of the Scorpion, as if the Scorpion is only there to catch one who has fallen, who was not able to attain the Northern Crown (Corona Bor.). The positioning suggests a soul may birth as one who is already free of such entrapments, perhaps with a different purpose than to enter into the reincarnational cycle of soul growth articulated by the chelae; or even to birth just a soul-aware being, one fully cognizant of their soul-level self.

Another clue of this is found in the transcendent (southern) heavens—the Southern Cross which is protected by and lies south of the Centaur. The Cross embodies the original cardinality of the soul (that of pure intent). Thus, it is a matter of the soul maintaining this cardinality while birthing into human form.

The Secret of the Virgin, and the wisdom long lost (under the skirt of the Virgin) is regarding the Virgin / Boötes principle, that is, how to maintain such awareness while translating a soul (especially a soul of evolved stature) through the human birth process. This requires the very special knowledge about the purity and preparation of the vessel and the seed to birth a soul of such awareness; and how to create the proper environmental resonance for sacred sex. This also includes Astronomical Earthgrid Spacetime Mapping of proper locations and times for conception as well as for the nativity (articulated by Miaplacidus and the Centaurus X-3 black hole)—all being art-sciences long lost to most.