Planetary Bio-Harmonic Audio Meditations

Planetary Correspondences

Planetary Mental Emotional & Physical Correspondences

You can use this chart to help identify which Planetary Bio-Harmonic Audios you may wish to use based on specific mental, emotional & physical characteristics.


Expression / Use to Enhance & Strengthen

Emotional Tone / Use for Conditions



A logistical intellectual force
Speech, communication and thinking. All sequential and logistical processes. Mentally creative, coherent and expressive. Will to live and speak one's truth with self confidence, clarity and coherence. Ability for mental focus and concentration. Learning and reasoning abilities. Language skills; reading and writing. Some motor skills associated with coordination and dexterity.

Covert or overt anger, resentment, spitefulness and vengefulness. Sharp tongue. Hate projected outward. Fear of or blocked communication and speech. Not living one's truth. Feelings of inappropriateness, living a lie (neck tension). Inability to learn, poor memory and confusion. Hyper or Hypothyroidism (obesity and arthritic conditions / inability to metabolize calcium due to suppressed anger). Crystallizations in the joints. Metabolism problems in general. Thyroid's reflex to liver: results in the inability to act; living in the head; emotional and physical denials; powerless.

Throat Chakra; thyroid, para-thyroid, neck muscles. Brain Centres: Mental Ability - prefrontal and frontal lobe; Acquired Mental and Speech -cerebrum, thalamus, forebrain, pituitary. Neurological and meridian systems in general


A harmonizing balancing force.
Love, unconditional acceptance. Appreciation of beauty, art and abundance. Trust in self, courage, self-confidence, intuitive knowing, awareness of soul intent and purpose. Integrity to self and to one's inner truth. Openness and intimacy. Capacity to embrace new experience, to receive and give love. Rapture and eroticism. Sociable, fashionable, artistic, good willed, benevolent and diplomatic. Magnetic, sensuous, and attractive.

All fears and phobias. Inability to receive or give love. Fear of intimacy. Sunken chest. Breathing, short breath, allergies, and catarrhal problems. In ability to breath in life. Body imbalances and immune disorders. Self consumption. Judgment. Negating beauty, abundance, and luxury. Fear to allow new experience or other people into one's life. Hesitancy and insecurity. Fear of social gatherings and groups. Blindly following. Submission to the domination of others, to dogmas and propaganda.

Heart Chakra; thymus; immune system


A grounding and experiential force. Get centered and grounded. Capacity to embrace and palpate all life and all human experience. Capacity to assimilate and digest life; to transmute experience into wisdom.

Rejection of life and the resistance to experience. Assimilation and digestive problems. Barrenness. Out of touch with life on Earth or one's physicality. Ungrounded, off center. Migraines

Solar Plexus (The Second Brain); pancreas, stomach, uterus


An emotional and equalizing force. Capacity to live experientially and emotionally in the present, in the ebb and flow of life.

(Earth & Moon is one audio meditation.)

Self Denial. Inferiority - superiority complexes. Relationship issues. Menstrual and lymphatic.

Splenic Chakra
Pelvis. Male-Female Balance


An initiating creative force.
Creativity, sexuality, vitality, life force, and power. Self expression. Ability to use creative power, to initiate action and capacity to respond in assertive action. Leadership, self reliance, and victorious. Audacious, brave, instinctual, passionate and willfulness.

Denial, unconsciousness, survival issues, sexual and control issues. Judgment of other's creativity, use of raw power, sexuality and or one's carnal nature. Powerless, inability to create act, or respond. Inability to stand erect, no backbone. Oscillations from wealth to poverty. Inability to discern or see manipulative energies. Need to exploit, manipulate or control others or one's environment for personal gain or one's sustenance. Overbearing, contentious, domineering. Hate, greed, brutality and jealousy. Sexual abuse issues. Blood pressure, stress response, sexual response, energy, chi, and kundalini release. Caution recommended for Mars related afflictions: inflammation, infections, fever, high blood pressure.

Base Chakra; testicles, ovaries; also, adrenals and kidneys. Brain Centres: Ego Pressure (sex regulation); cerebrum, pituitary, hypothalamus. Centre of instinct and personal will.


A mobilizing and expanding force.
Freedom, independence, openness & trust. Vitality and enthusiasm. Spirituality--capacity to seek growth and to embrace new realms of consciousness, to expand one's awareness beyond collective belief. Sociable and abundant. Capacity to reciprocate one's gifts or wealth to the world. Physically fit, strong and coordinated. Fluidity in movement. Kinesthetic and magnetic (attractive). Serendipitous, opportunistic, fortunate and lucky. Taste for and appreciation of elegance and abundance. Fun loving and good natured.

Chronic: Resistance, inability or fear to change, grow, travel, move and expand. Feeling stuck. Paralysis (also see Saturn); if fear related (also see Venus). Hoarding or other constrictions. Poor muscle coordination and motor skills. Inability to breath in life: lung and breathing problems (also see Venus).

Acute: bloated chest, gluttonous,excessive, zealous, exaggerative, showy, and hypocritical. Arterial blood flow problems; poor fat assimilation, obesity.

Lymphatic system. Legs, muscles and ligaments.
Brain Centres: Animation Life, cortex, psyche, soma energy centre, hypothalamus. Sensory Locomotion; mid-cortex, kinesthetic and sensory motor area.


A concretizing and solidifying force.
Structure, conformation and confidence. Disciplined, responsible and organized. Ability to work with structure and limitation. Accountable, dependable and stable. Architectural--ability to create form and foundation. Capacity for concentration and moderation. Application of established principles and knowledge.

Chronic conditions: Resistance to structure, form and boundaries. Avoidance of and responsibility to address entrapping (karmic) life scenarios. Inability to structure and concretize life. Difficulty with and judgment of organizations, legalities and accountability. Denial of family name, to be counted, to participate and invest one's resources. Father issues. Inability to moderate; indulgence (also see Jupiter)

Acute: Adherence to or obsessed with the past, esp., personal dogmas and collective belief structures. Rigidity, inflexible, inability to change, obsessions, obstructions, crystallizations, paralysis and physical deformations. Inflictor of bondage, pain and injustices.

Skeletal structure, teeth, nails, all calcium based organs. Brain centres: Inherent Mental, mid-stem and mid-brain


A changing and freeing force.
Capacity for change, spontaneity, and the expression of individuality. Radical, non-conforming, electrical. Uninhibited by convention and establishment. Ability to break away from the past or the established; to explore and create new frontiers in consciousness. Future focus and orientation. Appreciation of excellence and perfection. Detail oriented. Higher mind prowess--telepathy, clairvoyance, alternative thinking, mental quickness and alertness, and all super-consciousness functions and mechanisms. Ability to work with higher principles and orders. Researcher and applier of advanced sciences. Emanation.

Resistance to change, newness or alternatives, or to break away from the conformation of the past. Stuck. Self-diminishment, self-judgment, self-sacrifice, giving self away. Invalidation of one's own uniqueness or special gifts or those of others. Fear to take credit for one's contribution. Inability to think for one's self. Fear to be unique, to be different. Seeking sameness or acceptance by others. Fear of judgment, rejection, or persecution. Acquiescing to other's truth and philosophies rather than expressing one's own. Lacking of spontaneity or sense of adventure.

Acute: coordination problems, spasmatic, electrical problems (heart firing, neurological synapses), unstable.

Pituitary, higher brain centers and mental faculties. Mental Ability, prefrontal and frontal lobes. Neurological and synoptic circuitry. Electrical and light impulses.


A dissolving and inspiring force.
Inspiration, ideals, dreams and vision. Artistic expression. Universalism and idealism that inspires. Capacity to see behind veils and facades. Ability to dissolve boundaries; to see and hear beyond the semantics of word and language. Meditative, the capacity to have one's mind at rest, to merge in consciousness with others and one's surroundings. Immanation

Fear of intimacy, to merge with others, to dissolve ego or be lost. Inability to realize greater universal or cosmic self. Lost in a dream world, unrealistic, living in illusion, self-deception, confusion or behind a veil or mask. Inability to discern. Fear to reveal self, or to look at or see a transcendent truth. Impressionable, lost in followings, the paranormal or phenomenology. Martyrdom or savior complexes. Avoidance, seeking escape.

Acute: Addictions, drug abuse, especially hallucinogenic drugs, alcoholism. Blocked vision, eye problems (cataracts. myopia, etc). Narcosis and narcissism.

Pineal, Eyes, vision. Inner vision (third eye).


An opening and deprograming force.
The pattern disrupter. Pluto is independent, individual, and autonomous; an extremist, isolationist and loner; a revolutionist, unaccepting of limiting conditions.

Fear of survival, death and transformation. Fear to be alone, to let go, release or to let die. Use for pre-birth and past lifetime issues, as well as all early childhood programming. Use as a pattern disrupter; for attachment issues and deprogramming.


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